These posts reflect my original interest in American politics, history and political theory broadly cast. I’m interested in exploring the nexus between American Political Development (APD) and American Political Thought (APT) as well as American Studies and Africana Studies or all regional “studies,” including working with Gajo Petrovic a leader in Praxis published in the former Yugoslavia.

This was the reason I stayed in politics for my Ph.D. rather than leaving for law school, history, sociology or business school as faculty kept trying to convince me to do in undergraduate and graduate school after spending a gap year reading Heidegger’s Being and Time with University of Zagreb philosophy professor Gajo Petrovic, who spent time at IAS and working with the author of the former Yugoslavian Constitution, the one that stuck — written in the 1970s.  The latter scholar attended the Sorbonne in the 1930s and ended his career as the Dean of the best law school in Belgrade.  In the 1980s the Fulbright funded his scholarship on Jefferson at Claremont Graduate School.  I worked with him for my B.A. thesis on Marx, existentialism, phenomenology and Yugoslavian self-management supervised by Claremont Men’s College’s public law professor Winston Fisk.

The Emperor’s New Underwear

9e87a5abf9b2ae234aad6c59333d4b1b  I hate to pour more oil on the burning fire of fear – the impending Trump presidency – but to have a united government that is dedicated to destroying the few laws President Barack Obama managed to pass – Dodd-Frank, Obamacare – is worse than having had the whole GOP for Trump would have been.
Put negatively, all the non-GOP Trump supporters get to quibble — “he’s not my president” . . . “maybe he’s not going to be that bad” . . . or “look, every time he’s good, he’s great.”
It’s time for us to hit the streets, and work within the confines of the American political system. Don’t burn, don’t bully. Rally and participate – effectively, quietly, without violence or being triggered into spontaneous violence by agents provocateurs. After all the uber wealthy on Manhattan’s Upper East Side have a underwear store (lingerie, they call it, thinking it’s better to resist in French?!!!).
P.S. iRevoltblog (on wordpress, connected to https:// RuthOBrien.org or https://iRevoltblog) will be up and running sometime this January, 2017 — before the Inauguration.