Representative Millicent Fenwick

In 1977 and 1978, I got to walk with this brave Republican woman from New Jersey who knew Kevin McCarthy’s Dad — and/or The Grapes of Wrath managers who knew who Steinbeck named “the” book after

These posts reflect my original interest in American politics, history and political theory broadly cast.

What I call this is American Political Thought squared or (APT+APT).  You guessed it, I’m not interested in APD — with the D standing for “development.”

I’m interested in exploring the nexus between American Political Development (APD) and American Political Thought (APT) as well as American Studies and Africana Studies or all regional “studies,” including working with Gajo Petrovic a leader in Praxis published in the former Yugoslavia. Now I found “Olde Good Things” where Fred and I can purchase “Americana” that is upcycled-not recycled nor antiqued. Check it out 🙂

Indeed, APT squared or APT/APT explains my Master-Slave Hegelian re-interpretation discovered in CAPT (C stands for contemporary) where “A perfect Martini” and I and other students first discussed the too long APT reading list that includes/excludes not PwD but people who are not part of “All Other Persons” found in Federalist Paper #48.

This was the reason I stayed in American practical or street level politics for my Ph.D. rather than leaving for law school, history, sociology or business school.  To be sure, UCLA doctoral faculty kept trying to convince me to leave and write (who has a career in writing in the 1980s? Wives to be sure but . . . )

After working with Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time propagator — longstanding IAS member and philosophy professor Gajo Petrovic (Zagreb) after being working with the Fulbright scholar who wrote the only working Yugoslavian Constitution (i.e. the one that stuck — written in the 1970s). The constitutional scholar attended the Sorbonne in the 1930s and ended his career as the Dean of the best law school in Belgrade after Claremont Graduate School.

In the 1980s the Fulbright funded his scholarship on Jefferson at Claremont Graduate School, which is similar to Jefferson’s table, I worked with him for my B.A. thesis — Beyond Reification — on Marx, existentialism, phenomenology and Yugoslavian self-management supervised by Claremont Men’s College’s public law professor Winston Fisk.  Fisk’s daughter is a well-known labor legal scholar, who last I saw or talked to was at Duke Law School in labor-capitalism theory.