CUNY Graduate Center Historian (Recently Retired) Distinguished Professor David Nasaw wrote

Kudos, David Nasaw! What a wonderful and insightful analysis, albeit a scary one.

Living on the late-nineteenth-century female muckraker journalist Ida Tarbell’s island– Roosevelt Island — which is under the 59th Street Bridge (as those in Manhattan call it, as opposed to the Queensboro Bridge, as those from Queens call it, though it was relatively recently renamed the Ed Koch Bridge after the late former New York City Mayor), gives one a lot of APP (American Political Perspectives).

The wet, dirty muck that Ida raked occurred after she checked herself into what was known as “Damnation Island” due to its appalling conditions and the way inmates from the all-male prison on the island took “care” of some of the women along with white male priests.

While now it remains Roosevelt Island, Cornell Tech dominates it. Former Mayor Mike (or Michael) Bloomberg awarded approximately 37 acres to Cornell, the only private-public Ivy League institution of higher learning.

So, I think I can speculate that Elon has been here at least once, if not more, and who knows? I might bump into him on the street.

I can envision Elon rallying or the bolstering the idea of creating Cornell Tech given its unique location, being controlled by New York State though operated by New York City and technically part of Manhattan. Perhaps he supported getting all tech, especially “tech” education, off the “left” coast and in the financial capital of the world — New York City in New York State, rather than any land mass “down under.”

As Cornell Tech changes Roosevelt Island, I’m glad to know I can count on insightful analysis by a CUNY Graduate Center historian, now retired, since I know his work on Hearst as well as Mellon and can rest assured that his historical analysis will include astute comments or make culturally appropriate comparisons to Robber Barons from one and two centuries ago, and how they dominated the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In a word, Gail, it’s Gramsci

One of my cousins asked me a fun question. We were talking about Frick and Stout family artifacts from Iowa, Jacksonville Illinois, Des Moines, Grundy, and Polk Counties, all in Iowa, as well as Hopewell and Amwell, New Jersey, where Colonel Thomas Johnson Stout’s son left to head West.

See David Forgacs, "Gramsci Undisabled" Modern Italy, 2016 doing:101017/mit.2016.33
See Critical Studies of Education, Vol. 5 “Antonio Gramsci: A Pedagogy to Change the World” Nicola Pizzolato and John D. Holst, Editors (Cham, Switzerland, 2017)

My baby sister Kathleen even has the china washbowl this single man brought with him all the way to Morgan County, IL The pitcher had long broken, our grandmother Ruth Finlayson Frick explained, along with the Dutch family tradition of giving the most prized artifacts to the last daughter married. On the back of that bowl in very discolored paper is an explanation of who Col. Stout was.

Not only was he George’s (Washington) aide de camp, but he was a professor of religion and helped start Brown University too. But most of all, reading different newspaper accounts, the Colonel wanted nothing to do with receiving any Revolutionary War pension. Sure, he qualified, but he took it as an affront that anyone would think he would take money reserved for the poor.

Antonio Gramsci didn’t think like Thomas Stout. And I am not even sure I would label his left-right politics partisan, yet. That said, he may have been honoring Revolutionary War widows and orphans. To me this means, like Gramsci 250 years later, Thomas Stout recognized the family and the hegemonic power within the family like Gramsci, who not only supported women’s rights but also those of children, unlike his Marxist and Communist and Anarchist or Syndicated Anarchist did with his particular preoccupation with culture and all the jarring juxtapositions that exist and do lead to change, like the changes we are seeing in the United States of America today.

Misogynistic Detail?

Now, Speaker’s (the first female)’s partners or kids and grandkids get no protection, and to top it off, all the harassment (sexual, again male/female, not male on female) is controlled by a man carrying a sink in San Francisco. Does he even have card that happens to be the color of not the sea, the sky, or deserts, or the clouds?

Check your own APP or “the” News. Seems to me the headlines are all you need, and they’re free! What glee. Horizontal thinking, spectrum or sliding supremacist acting, or heretical thought or simply the sport of misogynistic doxing that women, not men, are better at, or that’s just my personal and/or professional experience. Or could it be Kate Mann’s “whack-a-mole”thinking, describing misogyny as the enforcement arm of sexism, patriarchal, and hierarchical thinking — which is cultural, social, economic, political, and definitely going global and remaining local as the English “take” decisions, and Americans make decisions.

What do you think – @thegreenphantom2 or @jcaputi, the latter having published a book in OUP, USA’s Heretical Thought in which the part of the thesis that appealed to me was the America(s) origins of the notion of a “mother-f###er!@#$%^&!” Take a look.

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