Prof. O’Brien’s GC Courses, including Fall 2017


Fall 2017 Courses:

Political Science Courses are kept up by the Program.

Click here for updates for Ph.D. & M.A. Program @365 Fifth Avenue, NY NY 10016

American Political Thought*  (Fall 2016 syllabus)

Political Science maintained (Fall 2017 description)

American Political Thought**
Ruth O’Brien (AP/PT)
PSC 72100 (CRN#36607)
Cross list with WSCP 81000
3 Credits

Dissertation Workshop: 0 credit Professional Development and General Political Science Course

*Syllabus for Fall 2016 going forward are updated on GC Blackboard; and are also announced with updates by the GC Programs housing the courses (Political Science/ Women’s and Gender Studies/ MALS depending upon registration of students).

**For Political Science web announcement, including hyperlinks see Courses- Political Science

PAST Syllabi see my C.V. or Click Here:


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