Judith and Eric’s Wedding Party – Kathie Abrams and Jeremy Garber’s Eldest Daughter

Congratulations to Judith and Eric! It was a lovely warm party celebrating your wedding that got delayed by COVID-19. And congratulations to Kathie Abrams and Jeremy Garber for hosting it in South Orange.

@frederic.d.o’brien and I @ruthobrien.org don’t get back to NJ much 🙂

Lots of changes I saw that put @nancysolomon’s NPR news stories in context. That and Nancy Solomons’s exciting new podcast about murder and informational mayhem (meaning the dearth of information) in that state that houses, South Orange, New Jersey.

Raised in the Far West (CA) I have found all the ins and outs of federalism and state sovereignties, in combination with the coastal construction of our nation (meaning the lower 48) hard to comprehend.  It’s too bad, though, that the Dems (as the Repubs, call em’) are in bed, so to speak, with the Federalist Society.  Too bad the left side of the American Political Perspectives (APP) did not tag that name first.  Who knows, we could appropriate it.  Would this be cultural appropriation or simply politics?  Who knows.

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