We are ALL Disabled Now – Vaccination

Public Health in New York City worked!  As a 1B (never thought I’d like being classified so much as a teacher), I’m eligible.

Not only am I flying from my remote workplace; I’m out here because I needed accommodations and it seemed easier to gain better times than to file another Reasonable Accommodation request. 

Don’t get me wrong: HR at the GC has been wonderful. Marvelous.  I left the building with an amazing accommodation that they put in the hands of the new EO.  But rather than requesting another accommodation, why not do it myself? 

Anyway, now that I’m returning — getting the first shot and then another procedure for a disease that women are prone to get — I’m not even anxious about flying.  

How the world has changed with accommodations. Sure, it’s costly in terms of time to order that wheelchair to get me through the airport.  But Fred’s got this down.  And besides, then he doesn’t have to worry.  I love to talk to those in charge of pushing so that they know how much this has changed in the past 15 or so years since Congress and the President forced the airlines to accommodate their passengers.  The last time I went to Paris (2009) with a cast on, I’m embarrassed to say I created another one of my sitdown big-bottom protests — and at JFK it was to no avail.

The airlines finally got it.  What was the time lag?  Legislation even after being enacted needs federal rules.  So I’d give it a 20 year lag, if you’re lucky.  Now that the airlines finally got it, I can travel again.

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