Hard to Reach Me? Encryption is a Woman’s Best Friend or At Least Not

my UN (gluing) The New York Times reference is already buried.

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FYI if you email me on gmail or any edu account you can’t won’t hear from me. Like all wise people I pay for encryption and a VPN, though my university does not have this. We are the largest Public University in the U.S.A. with the least amount of private dollars . . . .

Unlike Cal (yep Berkeley) which has a terrible past in terms of helping foster fascism in the 1930s, no less, in California. Am writing this up now. Nothing revelatory here.

UCLA does not have this past. : ) Nor does Claremont Men’s College. Nor does Capitol Pages Alumni school (or at least not those who graduated haha) Who knows who went to CAL, most went to what I like to call HPY (the troika — Harvard, Princeton, and poor ole Yale — I mean no one ever wanted to live in New Haven with the Eatons there. Harvard too. Also Princeton….

I used to think it was California public universities – at least the Cal State’s if not the Cal’s and mini Cals but no longer.

Being tax exempt and calling themselves public when they’re over 85 percent being privately funded is more scandalous than HPY since at least we “know” they’re private or that’s what they call themselves. They’re just heavily, I mean heavily sponsored by the city, their states, their municipalities and most of all the federal government. The tip is in the percentage.

Ask say it ain’t so @JoeBiden (not Trump), hopefully Mamala (read Kamala Harris) would speak plainly about what’s so darn important about this percentage. She went to law school in CA. Or we could ask Anthony Grafton – he’s a straight shooter and a public intellectual, I’m told.

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