Trump’s Wars + Math of APSA Male Presidency Culture

Sad, mad, eating glass. Like we didn’t know this was what was going to happen?  I mean, really, Trump reveres nothing.  Take a quick peek at that video of Ivanka on his knee if you don’t mind feeling the creeps, again.

Okay, we knew, and that’s why so many voters tried to make sure he didn’t get elected.  Then again, many SLAMs wanted to make sure she didn’t get elected.

I guess my point is: What do you expect in a two-party system nestled in a misogynistic culture?  Call it rape culture if you want to be crude, not blunt.

This is what folks outside (e.g. experts from European or international arenas with their own patriarchal cultures) don’t get about the United States.  Why do we put up with this?  Why not pass another constitutional amendment?  Have we stopped amending the Constitution?

Let’s start first with changing our culture: Equal Rights Amendment, please.  If that’s too ambitious, how about resurrecting the Violence Against Women Act, and if that’s too tough, where are we?  We should start with the study of American politics, no?

Now that we have a president who should not be impeached but goes so much further, and we’ve had a female candidate for president who lost not once (i.e. Democratic nomination, then general election) but twice, why is the actual study of the presidency — like math — still controlled by men?  Why should American politics, particularly the study of the presidency (which is less revered by the sports/math/music statistics crowd, like Nate Silver), be dominated by men?  Why is there a gender gap in citations?

Political science as a major is not filled with men.  Women, too, study politics.  And they study more than  “women and politics” — a parochial course, not by choice but by . . . you fill in the blank.

So let’s go back to who controls the American-politics curriculum in the United States?  It’s the chairs of political-science and government departments, and whoever they select to run their curriculum committees.  The chairs happen to be 87 percent male, so it’s math culture, no less.  At least my institution asked me to reapply for a research in the classroom grant about this very question.  Yay CUNY.

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